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Wi-Fi Hotspot Lending

Borrow the Internet!

If you need access to the Internet, your Library can help. Thanks to gifts and grants, BPL is now able to lend mobile Wi-Fi hotspot devices. If you have a library card with BPL or WCLS, you can check out a hotspot for free!

We’re lending one type of hotspot that works on a single cell carrier’s network.

  • Coolpad Surf hotspots connect to the Internet using Sprint’s 4G network.

To see if coverage is available where you would like to use a hotspot, check Sprint’s coverage map. They don’t work in Canada, so please don’t take them across the border!

When the hotspot is connected to the Internet, it uses its own Wi-Fi signal to share access to the Internet. Up to 10 devices devices such as computers, tablets, or cell phones can connect at the same time. A cell phone won’t need to use its data plan when it’s connected to the Internet using a Wi-Fi hotspot.

You may borrow a single hotspot for 3 weeks. If no one is waiting, it can be renewed up to 3 times. Only one hotspot request per patron is allowed at a time. Visit our online catalog to place a request on a Coolpad.

Hotspots come in a case with a charger, charging cable, and an instruction card. Because of the protective case it is fine to return them in a library book drop.

Wi-Fi Hotspot FAQs

Individuals with a personal BPL or WCLS library card can borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you’re having trouble placing a request for a hotspot, Ask Us!

There is no charge to borrow and use a hotspot.

Hotspots are subject to the usual charges for lost materials. If you lose the hotspot or damage it beyond repair we will charge $50 to your library account.

You can borrow a hotspot for 3 weeks. A hotspot will automatically renew up to 3 times if there is no one else waiting to borrow one.

If the hotspot is out past its due date, it will stop giving you access to the internet within 24 hours.

You can return a hotspot at all the normal library return locations, including any Bellingham Public Library locationCampus ConnectionWhatcom County Library System branch, or Community Drop Box.

  • Hotspot device
  • USB to Micro-USB cable
  • Charging brick
  • Quick-guide card in English and Spanish
Contents of a Coolpad Surf Wi-Fi Hotspot kit
Coolpad Surf kit: case, USB cord, charger, Quick-guide, and Coolpad Surf device.
  1. Press and hold the round Power Button on the front for 3 seconds. If it won’t turn on, try charging the battery.
  2. The Wi-Fi is active and connected to the internet when the Network indicator Network Indicator Icon and WiFi indicator Wi-Fi Indicator icon are both green. If the Network indicator is yellow, internet access may be slow. If red, it’s not connected to the internet.
  3. Turn the hotspot over to find the Network Name and Password on the back. In the Wi-Fi settings of your device, select the hotspot’s Network Name, and enter the Password when prompted.
BPL Coolpad Surf User Guide – English
BPL Coolpad Surf Guía del usuario – Español

Coolpad: When the battery indicator Battery Indicator is red, you’ll need to charge the battery soon. Connect the USB cable (included) to the power supply (included) and the hotspot, and plug the power supply into an electrical socket. The battery indicator flashes while charging.

Coolpad: see Sprint’s network coverage map to see where they have 4G data coverage available.

The device will not work in Canada.

Questions? Ask Us!