Room Reservations

lecture room

Community rooms are available for public rental at the Central and Fairhaven libraries. See the chart below for the types of rooms available, hours of availability, and room rates. Please read our Public Use of Community Rooms Policy before you request to reserve a room.

Request a Room for Use During 2017

Requests must be made at least 72 hours in advance of the date being requested. Reservations are not final until confirmed.

Online Reservation Tool for 2017 Reservations

Requests for Rooms for Use During January Through March 2018

Community room rental requests for dates in 2018 are now being accepted. Please note we only are accepting and confirming reservations requested for January through March 2018.

Online Reservation Tool for 2018 Reservations

Payment Options

Once your request has been approved, you have five days to make payment or the reservation is released. There are three ways to pay:

  1. Pay online. Please have reservation confirmation number available.
  2. Pay by mail via check or money order. Please be sure to include reservation confirmation number, and send to:
    Bellingham Public Library, Attn: Community Room Coordinator
    210 Central Avenue, CS-9710
    Bellingham, WA 98227
  3. Pay in person at Central Library, Barkley, or Fairhaven. Please have reservation confirmation number available.

Room Information and Rates

Facility Description Hours Available Non-commercial Fee Commercial Fee
Central Library
Conference Room
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Capacity: 10
Contains: Table and chairs, whiteboard, projection screen, LCD projector (with VGA input)
Equipment available:  DVD/VCR/TV monitor, WiFi
Size: 17 x12 = 204 s.f.
Mon-Sun 8am-11pm
No meetings on Library Holidays
$15/hr $25/hr
Central Library
Lecture Room
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Capacity: 106
Contains: Tables, chairs, blackboard, projection screen, LCD projector (with VGA, HDMI, and Display Port adapter inputs), DVD/Blu-Ray player, podium, kitchenette w/small refrigerator
Equipment available:  DVD/VCR/TV monitor, sound system with microphones (1 lapel, 2 wireless), WiFi
Size: 39×39 = 1,521 s.f.
Mon-Sun 8am-11pm
No meetings on Library Holidays
$25/hr $50/hr
Fairhaven Branch
Northwest Room
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Capacity: 30
Contains: Tables and Chairs
Equipment available: Projection screen, WiFi
Size: 19×25 = 475 s.f.
Mon-Sun 8am-11pm
*only quiet use during open hours.
$20/hr $40/hr
Fairhaven Branch
Fireplace Room
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Capacity: 45
Contains: Tables and chairs
Equipment available: Projection Screen, DVD/Blu-Ray player, LCD projector (with VGA input), WiFi
Size: 19×41 = 779 s.f.
Mon-Sun 8am-11pm
*only quiet use during open hours.
$20/hr $40/hr
Fairhaven Branch
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Capacity: 201 (seats 150)
Contains: Tables and chairs, kitchen with microwave and refrigerator
Equipment available: Projection Screen, WiFi
Size: 62×27 = 1,674 s.f.
Only available when library is closed. See Fairhaven Branch hours. $25/hr $65/hr

Using the Community Rooms

  • Community Room capacity limits are posted and must be followed.
  • No alcohol or smoking is allowed in Community Rooms or library property.
  • Safety concerns prohibit flammable materials or open flames in Community Rooms.
  • Illegal or potentially hazardous activities are not allowed in Community Rooms.
  • An appropriate number of competent adult sponsors or chaperones must accompany groups of minors or young children.
  • Community Room use must not disrupt or interfere with normal Library use.
  • Community Rooms are kept locked. At the Central Library, room users must stop at the Help Desk on the main floor to ask to have a room unlocked during open hours. We will make arrangements to provide a key card to unlock the room for use when the library is closed.
  • At the Fairhaven Branch, meeting room access is through the back door at the top of the ramp. The back door will be programmed to open for meeting room use when the library is closed.
  • Users are responsible for room set-up and take-down. Rooms must be left in their original configuration. If the room is left in disarray, there will be a charge of an extra half hour of Community Room rental time. Diagrams of the original room configuration are posted in each room.
  • Users will indicate their equipment needs on the Community Room Reservation form. Library staff are not available to operate the equipment. Instructions for use are posted on each piece of equipment.
  • The person who signs the Community Room Registration form is responsible for any damage to library property.
  • Abuse may result in loss of permission to use the Community Rooms.
  • The library is not responsible for loss or damage of materials or equipment owned by the group or individuals using the Community Rooms.