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Co-Sponsored Programs

Each year we partner with a few select organizations and individuals to present free programs to the public. Due to limited staff time and meeting room availability, we carefully choose programs to co-sponsor that are an optimum fit with our mission and strategic plan.

A minimum lead time of three months is preferred to review and consider proposals, identify staffing and other resources needed, reserve a meeting room and publicize the program.

By submitting a proposal, program contacts and/or presenters agree to:

  • Offer the program at no charge to either the library or the public;
  • Commit to presenting the specified program as scheduled;
  • Follow the Bellingham Public Library Rules of Conduct and all local, state and federal laws;
  • Publicize the program, including references to Bellingham Public Library co-sponsorship and including our logo when feasible;
  • Collect program attendance data, and any public feedback, and provide it to the library.

Once a proposal has been accepted, Bellingham Public Library will:

  • Reserve meeting room space;
  • Publicize the program on our online events calendar and in a monthly news release;
  • Consider additional ways to collaborate.

Submit a Proposal*

* Please note: We are not accepting or approving new Co-Sponsored Program applications until our 2020 Central Library Main Floor Remodel is complete, due to anticipated space constraints during construction. The completion date is to be determined.

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