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Bellingham Reads

Bellingham Reads Bookclub Kit

Book Discussion Group

Who can attend?

Everyone is welcome.

When and where do you meet?

Bellingham Reads meets at 6:30 p.m. in the Dodson Room (Children's Library) on the 4th Tuesday of the month. 

What will you be reading in the future?

Take a look at our reading schedule. New participants are welcome!

Book Club Kits

What are they?

Book club kits offer 10 copies of a title and a reading guide in a convenient tote. The kits check out for a 38 day loan.

How do I reserve a kit?

Reserve a kit using KitKeeper

You will need a library card in good standing. A personal library card will work, but in order to keep group reservations together, we encourage frequent users to contact Suzanne for a group account.

We understand that many groups plan their reading schedules months in advance. To establish specific pick-up dates, go to KitKeeper, our online kit reservation software. If you experience difficulties reserving a kit, contact Suzanne by either calling 778-7236 or emailing

What titles does the Bellingham Public Library offer?

We currently offer over 130 titles. Go to KitKeeper for a complete listing. Click "Go" to see a list of kits. Tod condense the list, go to the field that says "All info" and choose "List" then click on "Select." (Please note: this list is frequently changing as we add new titles and delete old ones. KitKeeper has the most current information on what's available.)

Interested in donating a kit?

You can contribute multiple ways. Write a check for $125, payable to the Bellingham Public Library Gift Fund. Submit it to Suzanne at the Central Library with your request for a title. Or, donate 10 new or next-to-new copies of a title your group loved.

Looking for a reading guide for your book group selection?

Try one of these sites:

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