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Beneath the Surface - Reviews

Teen Summer Reading

A sampling of reviews from 2013 Teen Summer Reading program

Over 870 reviews were submitted by 120 teens! (final)
The most voracious reader submitted over 50 reviews, while nine others have over 20 each.

Book Reviews

1984 by George Orwell
A dystopian novel. It's kinda creepy, newspeak and all. The chocolate rations remind me of society today. - Review by Yuli

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is a book about Abraham Lincoln as if he where a vampire hunter. In the book the writer Seth Grahame-Smith uses real events in Lincolns life and makes it look like it could have had something to do with vampires. It was a wonderful read and I would recommend the book to others. - Reviewed by Cora

Black Out by Connie Willis
This was a very captivating book about time travel. It's about history major college students in 2060 who use time travel to research Word War II. But then their portals back to 2060 fail, they are stranded in 1940s London during the height of the Blitz. - Reviewed by Emma W.

Branded by Keary Taylor
The main character Jessica has been haunted by dreams of angles sentencing the souls of the dead to their eternal resting places; dreams filled with terror, beauty and pain, leaving scars on her back such as wings and the brand of the condemned. However, Jessica has always known that the dreams and the angels were real, and this is only strengthened when two beautiful men (Alex and Cole) enter her life, things change in the dreams, and she begins to find angel feathers in her waking life. She must suffer through terror, illness, and eventually the loss of the love of her life, Alex, at the hands of the leader of the condemned angels. This is a great start to the series and I look forward to finishing the series. - Review by Selena

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
The Clockwork Angel is a tale about a girl, Tessa, who discovers she is alone in the world. At first her aunt dies, and her brother is kidnapped. Then, she is taken by the same people who killed her aunt and took her brother. They torture Tessa, and force her to ʺchangeʺ (shapeshift) . She finally manages to change into a girl who died., she watches the girl get killed, from the point of viewof the dying girl. The next day she makes an escape attempt. She almost dies, until two boys, Will and Jem, come and save her. They bring her to the Institute, where she is welcomed by kind people. Through a series of events that are heartbreaking, challenge her insanity, and love, she is betrayed by her brother, and saved once again saved by Will, whom she begins to be attracted to. At the end, Tessa has saved everyone, and talks to Will about their relationship. He brutally breaks her heart, a mistake that he will pay for dearly when Jem is the one who sews her back up. It leaves a quick, page turning ending set up for an exciting sequel. - Review by Serena

Dark Life by Kat Falls
This book was really interesting. It is different from other apocalypse books because both the circumstances and government are realistic to what would really happen in that kind of natural disaster. It is kind of an under the sea wild west novel. - Reviewed by Leah

Divergent by Veronica Roth
Okay, I wish I could do a 100,000,000,000 star. Divergent was such an amazing book! The main character, Tris (Beatrice) was so intelligent and smart. The suspense was correctly building up to the climax and the secrets were balanced in a good way. I would never had guessed that the Erudite (a faction) were ganged up with Dauntless (another faction)! The book was basically about a girl's decision, but unlike realistic fiction books where the choice the girl makes is to dramatic because of popularity, the decision changed her life and the lives of many others. Divergent is a must read to anyone who loves fantasy, sci fi, and futuristic novels. - Reviewed by Emma S.

Eon by Alison Goodman
Eon is about a girl pretending to be a boy. She is trying to become a dragoneye. When she is chosen, she can't control the dragon's power and must find out why before she is killed, along with all the other dragoneyes. - Review by Lydia

Everneath by Brodi Ashton
The beginning of this book was a little weird and the lack of emotion from the main character, Nikki made it different than any other book I've ever read. I kept reading it though and as I figured out more of the details of what was wrong with Nikki, and as her emotions were coming back to her, the story was quite enticing. I actually quite liked this story. - Review by Shaye

Flash Burnout by L.K. Madigan
I think that this was a great book except for one thing. The ending. The way the book ended made it seem like there was most definitely going to be a sequel. I don't think that this book needs a sequel because the main body of the book had a stunning plot and great character development throughout the story. This book made me laugh, and it made me cry. - Review by Samantha

I Am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells
This book is great but creepy. it was nice but who is really obsessed with killer. the dead creep me out so much. but it was an awesome book to read cant wait to read the next book. - Review by Stephanie

If I Stay by Gayle Forman
I am reviewing, ʺIf I Stayʺ by Gayle Forman. This novel, in my opinion was a good quick read/page turner if you are looking for a book to read in your spare time. This novel was filled with romance, wonder, humor, and sadness, with all of these traits wrapped in one, the book was a joy ride that kept you thinking... ʺWow, what happens next!ʺ Personally ʺIf I Stayʺ is a touching novel that I believe others will adore, and will experience multiple waves of emotion as they read this book. - Review by Sofia

Looking For Alaska by John Green
I really loved this book it was full of surprises. this kid miles has no friends and no life but when he goes to a boarding school that all changes. He gets into so much trouble and drama i would have never guessed. And it was so sad when ***. I just couldn't believe it. Anyway it was a great read. - Review by Stephanie

Matched by Allyson Braithwaite Condie
This book is about a girl, Cassia who lives in the society. There are officials, officers, citizens, aberrations, anomalies, and many more statuses that you are classified in. Here she finds out that something is wrong with where she is living and she is up to figure it out. - Review by Genesis

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly
A young girl travels back in time. She tries to save a young prince. Will she survive? - Review by Yuli

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli
Stargirl Caraway was homeschooled all her life until high school. Now she meets Leo, who falls in love with her. She is very different from her classmates : she has a pet rat, Cinnamon, she carries a ukulele around and sings 'Happy Birthday' during lunch, etc. - Review by Sara

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
Meg and others are in search of Mr.Murry (Meg's father.) Along the way they find him in camazots, a planet ruled by the evil IT. They have to find a way to find a way to rescue him without going under the spell of it. - Review by Stephany

Magazine Reviews

National Geographic Magazine July 2013
The article about the harmful hunting of songbirds was very good. It was accompanied with drawings and photos of different species of songbirds, so you could get a little more of a glimpse on what kind of birds they were talking about. I liked how it reveals to the public that hunting too much can be harmful. - Review by Tilly

Psychology Today
I was sort of bored so picked up this issue of Psychology Today on a whim. I was always into the behavioral analysis part of Criminal Minds, so this was an interesting read. I'm planning on picking up more issues. - Review by Brandy

Teen Vogue
The new 'fashion' choices are really strange. The main parts of the magazine (the parts the promote on the cover) are actually really small compared to the rest of the magazine. I flipped through this Teen Vogue just so I could recycle it quickly. - Review by Shaye

Movie/Anime with with Subtitles Reviews

Paprika is a gorgeous, action-packed anime about a group of therapists trying to recover a device that allows them to travel into their patients' dreams from a ʺdream terroristʺ. The movie's story, while a bit complex, is quite intriguing, the characters are very well-developed, and the animation is beautiful. The soundtrack also deserves attention as it's one of the first to use a Vocaloid (an computer-generated singing voice) and it blends together perfectly with the rest of the film, even if sometimes we only hear short segments of it. Overall, I would highly recommend it to anime fans looking for a great sci-fi/mystery and the movie the possibly inspired Inception. - Review by Ben

Library Program Reviews

June Game Night 2013
Game night is a fun time to get together with your friends (in my case, teens I know who go to Anime Night every month) and play video games such as Just Dance and card games such as Apples To Apples. I've been going to Game Night for the past four or five months. While not much changes, I still bring a couple of my own Wii games and enjoy being with people I only meet twice a month. - Review by Ben

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