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Web Searching and Email

Barkley Branch

Recommended Websites

Search Engines


Yahoo! Search

Meta Search Engines

A search engine that simultaneously queries multiple search engines and then delivers the results. Meta searching optimizes web searching.

Filtered Search Engines

Most major search engines offer functionality that allows users to filter out certain types of objectionable content.
Choose "Customize Preferences" from the home page and click the radio button to activate "Offensive Content Filter."
Select "Settings" and then "Family Filter" to choose the level of filter you would like.
Select "Basic Site Preferences" and then "Filter My Search Results" in the "Content Filtering" section.
Select "Preferences" and then click on the the radio button under the heading "SafeSearch" for the level of filter you would like.
Under "Global Settings" choose your preference in the SafeSearch Filtering setup.
Under "Preferences", select "Block Offensive Content".
In "Settings", choose "Use Strict Filtering" to filter explicit text and images.
Set the "SafeSearch Filter" option via the "Search Preferences" page. You must have a yahoo account to save this setting.

Search Engines for Children

Ask Jeeves for Kids

Kids Click!

Yahoo! Kids

Free Online Email Account Providers

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