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Zinio - Kindle Fire app. instructions


Temporary alternate download method for the Zinio app on the Kindle Fire

Some users are reporting an inability to locate the Zinio app download page from their Fire. Users are encouraged to contact Kindle support here to find out why it isn't available for download, despite being approved for the device.

Note: these instructions are ONLY for users on the Amazon Kindle Fire. This installer is not supported for any other device. You must follow this instructions *on your Kindle Fire*

1. From the main screen, put your finger on the top right corner of the screen and 'swipe' your finger down to bring up the Settings menu. Press: More > Device > Allow installation of Applications (from unknown devices)> select "ON"

2. Download the APK (app installer) from here (just tap this link on your Kindle Fire)

3. To monitor your download put your finger on the top left corner of the screen and 'swipe' down or pull down, as if you were pulling a curtain down. This will show the download progress. Once the download is complete, tap the file that we downloaded, select "Install" and press "Open" when the installation is complete.

We hope you enjoy the app! We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced when installing it!

Zinio Customer Support

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